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  1. Satellite details are collected from public websites of respective satellite manufacturers, satellite operators and other public sources. The information may not be 100% accurate and up-to-date and is provided for guidelines only.
  2. Satellite footprints and EIRP levels are based on the information from the respective sat-owners www websites and other public sources. Actual signal levels and recommended antenna sizes at given location may differ from the indicated levels.
  3. Satellite charts are mostly built basing on automated satellite scans as well as on member-contributed data about the channels that they receive at their location. As all this information can be directly modified by the site members, site owner cannot guarantee its relevance, timeliness, or accuracy. Site members are welcome to confirm the data by ticking "I receive it" next to respective TP or channel name in the satellite charts.
  4. Site owners reserve the full rights to confirm, modify or remove any data provided by members of this website at any time.
  5. User-submitted data like reception reports and TPs/channels details is linked to members geographical coordinates. The data may not be accurate or correct at all. While website admins will do all the best to ensure that only correct antenna size and reception data appears on the maps such a data is provided by volunteers "as is" without any obligations and responsibility from the site owner.
  6. Website owner expressly disclaims any liability for any damages, claims or losses sustained by any use of the data form this website, any inaccuracy or inconsistency of the data on the website or inability to use any of the information from this website.
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